Pi1541 Hat

I recently got the Commodore 64c but didn’t get the floppy disk drive. Unfortunately, the used 1541 II drives on Ebay go for another $80-150. I really didn’t want to pay out for that so I dug around and found a project called Pi1541, which uses the Raspberry Pi 3 to emulate the 1541 Disk Drives.

I decided to go with a kit on Ebay by the seller kristi_73 for her listing of the 1541 Cycle Exact Floppy Emulator. I was recording the assembly today, but the videos didn’t come out as great as I thought and ended up being too blurry. Testing out some new video camera and it didn’t go as well as needed.

Here is the semi final product.

I don’t have serial cable at this moment, but will give this a test as soon as I get it. I think this came out pretty great. I also opted to get the LCD screen so I don’t have to connect the Raspberry Pi to a monitor to switch between ROMs.

I hope to use the LCD to validate the operation of the Pi1541 before I hook it up to my Commodore 64 and fry it.

Ableton Live Drum Kits for Maschine

Hey everyone, I decided to give away some Drum Kits for Ableton that allow you to add these into any project easily and play drums or sequence them within PUSH or Launchpad Pro if you have a sequencer plugin. 

These are great for live performances and if you want to seek using Maschine Drum kits without having to actually use Maschine.

I used DrumSynths only, I find Maschine's Drum Synths to be pretty powerful since you can customize them as you wish. You will see the files organized where the base Maschine folder contains the default Drum Synth and another folder for GreyForge that contains the kits with Drum Synths as well. 

Screenshot 2015-11-06 00.17.17.png

Here are the links
MEGA: Download
DIRECT: Download

If you like what I did, please donate. A dollar goes a long way. Thanks!

My first blog post...

It's officially been awhile since I have created a page and site that I could blog on. I'm using Squarespace.com as my blog because I simply don't feel like managing anything else and this service gets the job done fast and neatly. 

My intentions for this page is to share my educational videos as I learn new things. The series will be called TIL, short for "Things I've Learned" and will mostly follow production topics and techniques that I learn while making my own projects. A teacher of mine once said "If you want to master something, you need to teach it". 

I believe this to be true. Over time I will be posting videos, hosting live events on YouTube and sharing articles and content over this page. 

I am also setting up a form so that if you have a project and want me to "Master" the tracks, feel free to submit your projects stems to me and I will go over it. If you have project files, feel free to send those, but keep in mind that some parts may require you to export as audio because I may not have your plugin or patch.

Here goes nothing!