1 Week from Today on Keto

I started Keto on 1/10 at 267lbs. 

Today, after a week, I am at 260 lbs. This was a lot, but also keep in mind that the 267 was from a doctor's office using a different scale and having all my clothing and shoes on. Add 3-4 lbs and the total loss so far is actually around 3-4 lbs total since I started. 

The Diabetes

As a note, I want to keep you all in the loop. I started this diet so that I could manage my diabetes better. I have Type 1 Adult Onset Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus. I was diagnosed in 2001 somewhere around the age of 18. Since I was diagnosed, I have fluctuate in weight mostly because I couldn't afford insulin during parts of my life and so on. Insulin does crazy things to your body. 

Anyway, on to the summary of this week. Below is a trend for my blood sugar count. I'm having highs when waking up, so I am having to find a balance when taking my long lasting insulin for the day. I was on Trujeo but since my insurance changed over to a different provider, they have me taking another brand. I usually take this at 32ml units a day in the morning. I may need to take it at night so prevent these highs. I will keep you updated later. 

However, as you can see, highs aside, I was able to maintain a daily average lower than 150, which is a great achievement. 

The total amount of Humalog i had to take this day was 22 units, 10-12 for two meals throughout the day. Usually, when consuming junk food for lunches like McDonalds, Pizza from my local favorite place the Alamo in Newnan Ga, I was just no able to maintain a low amount of insulin intake. I would usually have to take 28-32 units and that's increased since I was younger. 


A lot of people have commented about what my mood is like. I haven't found anything crazy other than maybe some hunger pains making it difficult to concentrate. Overall, I feel that the mood is fine and if anything I feel happier and more bubbly? I really can't tell, I don't interact with a lot of people other than my coworkers and due to some recent changes, I have had to work from home until I move later this month. 


So the biggest issue in all of this is the temptation. There was one day, I think it was on Thursday where I was just sick of the premade chicken I made to kind of keep me in the flow and not explore outside of this. 

It was also the night my job decided to have a big work outing to have Hibachi. This was really hard when I had to tell the restaurant NO RICE. I was able to substitute for extra veggies and just got steak and shrimp. Thankfully, this cook didn't ruin everything by drenching it in teriyaki sauce. 

It was a fun night but still a lot of temptation and it's kind of annoying having to explain the diet to a lot of people and your intentions with it. Especially when they roll out a scoop of ice cream at the end. Everyone saying "Go ahead Christian, you can do it just once". This is the most unsettling as the peer pressure just becomes slightly annoying. 

The Energy

This is the big part. Since starting, I find myself having more energy in my daily tasks. Going up stairs is a lot less effortless and I find myself wanting to roam and walk around more. This is exactly what I was wanting because earlier this week I had actually gone to see the doctor about this very issue. I was wanting to verify my system was all in check and thankfully it is. 

In Close

After all of this, I have to say it is thrilling most of all to bring my insulin down by almost 1/3 in my daily use. It's really exciting that I have lost 3-4 lbs and I'm on my way to learning new and exciting ways to cook and eat. Just today I layed out a bunch of pictures on Instagram and got feedback from lots of people making a modified pizza from a blogger I found online by a lovely lady named Alison at Butterisnotacarb.com

I'm really looking forward to this change.