Ketogenic Diet

Today I started a diet in an attempt to improve my overall health. I've fluctuated my weight pretty inconsistently due to poor habits that I have just never overcame growing up. In 2011, I weighed about 174lbs. By 2015, i'm at my heaviest of 265. When I was 13, I used to weight about 280lbs. This is mostly in part of my Type 1 Diabetes. 

A co-worker of mine had mentioned Kotegenic to me and mentioned a subreddit that followed this practice. After reading through the diet and the pros and cons, I found that this diet not only addresses the need to reduce sugar and carb intake to control blood sugars, but was a good choice for those that wish to lose weight as well. 

You can follow up on the diet and information here.

My current issues are that my A1C is pretty High. I believe at the time of this writing, I'm at a 8.2 for my A1C, which means my rate of Sugar levels range from 200-300 on a consistent basis. 

  • My goal is to lose 30lbs by the end of the year or more. 
  • Eat better
  • Lower my A1C
  • Lower my Insulin Dependency if not eliminate the need for it all together if possible. (This is a dream, but I don't think it can actually happen, I mean the losing diabetes thing)

For the sake of my own insecurities, I'm not going to post pictures yet. I don't want to post something unnecessary and not deliver as this is a start and doesn't mean I've actually been successful at it. Once I have good enough proof, I will post something and I plan on posting about my experience along the way. 

Since this is sort of not the main focus of my site, as this site is used for my personal music endeavors, I will see if I can separate the blog in a way that divides the two. We will see.