Ableton Live Drum Kits for Maschine

Hey everyone, I decided to give away some Drum Kits for Ableton that allow you to add these into any project easily and play drums or sequence them within PUSH or Launchpad Pro if you have a sequencer plugin. 

These are great for live performances and if you want to seek using Maschine Drum kits without having to actually use Maschine.

I used DrumSynths only, I find Maschine's Drum Synths to be pretty powerful since you can customize them as you wish. You will see the files organized where the base Maschine folder contains the default Drum Synth and another folder for GreyForge that contains the kits with Drum Synths as well. 

Screenshot 2015-11-06 00.17.17.png

Here are the links
MEGA: Download
DIRECT: Download

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