My first blog post...

It's officially been awhile since I have created a page and site that I could blog on. I'm using as my blog because I simply don't feel like managing anything else and this service gets the job done fast and neatly. 

My intentions for this page is to share my educational videos as I learn new things. The series will be called TIL, short for "Things I've Learned" and will mostly follow production topics and techniques that I learn while making my own projects. A teacher of mine once said "If you want to master something, you need to teach it". 

I believe this to be true. Over time I will be posting videos, hosting live events on YouTube and sharing articles and content over this page. 

I am also setting up a form so that if you have a project and want me to "Master" the tracks, feel free to submit your projects stems to me and I will go over it. If you have project files, feel free to send those, but keep in mind that some parts may require you to export as audio because I may not have your plugin or patch.

Here goes nothing!