Pi1541 Hat

I recently got the Commodore 64c but didn’t get the floppy disk drive. Unfortunately, the used 1541 II drives on Ebay go for another $80-150. I really didn’t want to pay out for that so I dug around and found a project called Pi1541, which uses the Raspberry Pi 3 to emulate the 1541 Disk Drives.

I decided to go with a kit on Ebay by the seller kristi_73 for her listing of the 1541 Cycle Exact Floppy Emulator. I was recording the assembly today, but the videos didn’t come out as great as I thought and ended up being too blurry. Testing out some new video camera and it didn’t go as well as needed.

Here is the semi final product.

I don’t have serial cable at this moment, but will give this a test as soon as I get it. I think this came out pretty great. I also opted to get the LCD screen so I don’t have to connect the Raspberry Pi to a monitor to switch between ROMs.

I hope to use the LCD to validate the operation of the Pi1541 before I hook it up to my Commodore 64 and fry it.