Mastering is a needed step when you want to take your song or project seriously. I look to make the process simple and fun. I don't care if you provide professional recordings or you recorded the project yourself at home. At this time, I can provide the following enhancements to your recordings.

  • Increased overall volume
  • Clarity and punch missing from your mixes
  • Consistent volume
  • Balanced EQ

When submitting a track for master, I need an example track to go by for reference. So please comment or submit the track that I can use for this purpose. 

While I focus on Mastering, I am open for projects for Mixing. I will update directions on how you should do this later. 

While I am not charging for these services at the moment, pricing may be implemented after a trial run of this FREE service. Since there is no charge, there is no ETA or guaranteed time frame in which your project will be finished. 

If you want to "DONATE", you can send me a donation.